Service descriptions

Service descriptions


KONE preventive maintenance helps prevent problems before they appear. We maintain your equipment based on its usage, age, and other relevant factors. Your tailored plan ensures that all individual components and systems are serviced at the right time and according to all relevant regulations – no matter the brand.


When you or your end users need assistance with equipment-related issues, our customer care center is your first port of call. Contacting your local center is easy – simply dial the relevant phone number for your country. Our professional staff speaks your language, knows your equipment and situation, and can dispatch a service technician to resolve your problem.


With our Breakdown Service for elevators, escalators, and automatic doors, a service technician is quickly dispatched to deal with cases of unexpected equipment failure, stoppage, or erratic operation. Just call our Customer Care Center and a technician will be sent to fix the problem based on the agreed response time in your contract.


If your elevators, escalators, or automatic doors malfunction or have damaged components, KONE technicians can fix them. They will even identify repair needs during regular maintenance visits, often managing to fix the problem before there is any disruption to your equipment.

Service descriptions


The Entrapment Rescue Service ensures the quick and safe release of passengers trapped in elevators. Our emergency procedure ensures that a technician is immediately dispatched when our customer care center receives a service request.


The Authority Service for elevators, escalators, and automatic doors ensures that regulatory inspections conducted by an accredited third party are coordinated and managed professionally. It saves you time and effort by having KONE assist or manage inspections, including coordinating visits and providing technical assistance.


The KONE Voice Link™ Service enables two-way voice communication between elevator passengers and the KONE Customer Care Center when the integrated alarm button is pressed inside the car. The system automatically identifies the customer and site address, ensuring a swift resolution to any problem.


Our Janitor Service for elevators and escalators is a calendar-based light inspection that complements our KONE preventive Maintenance. The inspection frequency will be agreed to suit you.

Service descriptions

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KONE Care™ Maintenance

Understanding of your maintenance requirements: choose from our three maintenance packages the level of care you need.

KONE Care™ Maintenance Method

KONE Modular Based Maintenance helps us find and fix potential faults before they can cause downtime, helping you ensure quality service and improve end-user safety.

Serving all brands

KONE has a long history of maintaining and repairing non-KONE equipment. We take care of all brands of elevators, escalators and automatic building doors.

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